Bubble Bump

The spirit of Bubble Bump consists in playing nearly football with
nearly all your body protected in a big bubble filled with air.
Having fun, having laugh and giggles, having shocks without risk, sport, leisure activities are the key words of this new playful sport.
Whatever your age, girl or boy, man or woman, everybody can try Bubble Bump.
Do not hesitate to try our Birthday formulas from 6 to 14 years old.
We are also mobile all over the Dordogne for any king of event (all we need is a real or synthetic grass playground or a room with a special arrangement).
Every reason is a good reason for coming and play Bubble Bump.
One bubble bump session and you forget about all your problems.
Bubble Bump is the activity where we take "almost" as much pleasure as a spectator than as a player.

Le classico C5 - Route départementale 2 Val d'Atur 24750 BOULAZAC ISLE MANOIRE
Opening period

From 02/01/2019 To 31/12/2019

From 02/01/2019 To 31/12/2019 
Basic price : 15,00€
Basic price : 240,00€